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Run by a collective consisting of Dr Kunal Singh, medical professionals, and abortion right activists. We promote social justice and human rights by providing everyone with the consultation of abortion all over the world.

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PrivateEmma Is there when you need it. We have more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry by providing the most satisfactory medication that helps you to decrease the illness. By providing a cheap cost prescription, we try to give you a better medical service. All the items are easily accessible via a safe payment mode. Before we start offering you any sort of medical product, we think about and value your need of you and your health. 

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Dissimilar to other websites that don’t follow the rules and regulations of the authorities, PrivateEmma is a legitimate healthcare site that strictly follows guidelines on procedures placed by the medical agencies. 

Fast and express delivery

Our organization offers fast and secure delivery at your home. All the offers change as per season, but you can obtain a free shipping policy for many medical products. 

Visions are unlimited, but goals are not

Knowing the needs of our consumers allows us to offer you high-quality medication at an affordable cost. We protect your health by providing a safe, FDA-approved product that keeps away the dangers. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of consumers by delivering high-quality medications right to their homes. We deliver excellent medicines to help patients reduce disease and improve their quality of life. Our main objective is to address your healthcare needs by providing outstanding medical services and fulfilling your requirements. Our employees work extremely hard to touch the demands of every customer. By offering the greatest treatment to every patient via abortion and contraceptive medicines, communication, and knowledge, we aim to promote hope and contribute to optimal health and well-being.


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What is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is actually two different pills. They can be taken the same day or the section pill can be taken within 72 hours, in a place you feel most comfortable. The first pill, mifepristone, blocks a hormone necessary for a pregnancy to grow. The second pill, actually 4 small pills called misoprostol, stimulates your uterus to cramp and bleed, like a period, so that the pregnancy will leave your body (similar to a miscarriage).

How much time do I have to decide whether or not to take the abortion pill?

If you have been pregnant for 11 weeks or less, you can take the abortion pill. But it's important that you take time to think through all your options. There are many ways to address an unintended pregnancy - you determine your own best path based on your circumstances.

Is the Abortion Pill safe?

The abortion pill is very safe! It has been used by hunderds of thousands of people in the US since the year 2000 and millions worldwide for over 20 years. There are no indications that the abortion pill affects a person's ability to have a baby when they are ready - neither getting pregnant nor staying pregnant in the future are affected by using the abortion pill.

How effective is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is extremely effective! About 98% of clients have had a successful abortion when using the pill.

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PrivateEmma supports women, girls, trans men, nonbinary and all people with an unwanted pregnancy to access an abortion or miscarriage treatment.

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How affective is the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill is extremely effective! About 98% of clients have had a successful abortion when using the pill.